Lifestyle: Best Men Fragrance’s (Smell Good’s)

best mens fragrence

Before you begin to dive into finding the right fragrance for you, it’s important to note that many scents smell different depending on the skin type they are applied to (dry, oily, prone to sweat, etc.). Because of this, trying on a fragrance before you purchase is absolutely essential, as is understanding the differentiations within the product itself… And with this post hopefully we can help you find the right smell good to set a mood or get a compliment or 5. A fresh scent is KEY…


At the top of the list is the Givenchy Gentleman Only Casual Chic. This has a soft smell a Great Light Fragrance a excellent summer scent. A must have, especially if you want to impress your special someone.


Another Fragrance that is on my list is this Versace Eros for men. It’s another soft frangrance not to over baring, and it’s definitely a good converstion starter.  Woman love a smell that is settle but can still catch their attention.


 This is a inoffensive cologne and very long lasting. Inoffensive is key, for both you and people around you. A fresh smell is the best way to go in the summer time and winter also.



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